STAGE Toronto Theatre presented Duet for One at Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre Main Space in May and June for a three week run. We were honoured to present Duet for One with the support of the MS Society.

Duet for One, the award winning play by Tom Kempinski, premiered in 1980 and had successful runs in the West End and on Broadway.

Directing the STAGE production was Mark Schoenberg. Starring in the leading roles were actors Faye Lavin and Christopher Kelk.


Stephanie Abrahams is struck with Multiple Sclerosis and she is slipping into the depths of depression. She begins seeing a psychiatrist and despises him for not being able to feel her pain. Her conductor husband is also drifting away from her, having an affair with his secretary. At the peak of youth and artistic success she must cope with losing it all


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